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Who among us wouldn’t like to be a little bit slimmer? While there’s no such thing as a magic potion or overnight results, it is possible to receive injections and IV therapy to lose weight. Weight loss injections in the form of B12 injections and IV B complex drips for weight loss, are entirely safe and work by promoting high energy and healthy metabolism.

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles is a full-service medical office specializing in IV vitamin therapy for a variety of conditions, including weight loss.

Weight Loss Injections

The idea of using injections to lose weight might seem like science fiction, but the truth is that the use of IV injections for vitamin therapy has existed in mainstream medicine since at least the 1970s. Weight loss injections don’t actually zap away the fat, but they increase metabolism and do help the body maintain a high level of energy so that it can remain more active and burn more calories throughout the day.

Injections to lose weight also include nutrients that keep the metabolism healthy and running at optimum levels.

B12 Injections for Weight Loss

While a physician may prescribe several vitamins to a person interested in weight loss, a common vitamin offered by IV drip are the B complex family of vitamins including vitamin B12. B complex IV therapy and injections for weight loss help the body metabolize food and turn it into energy. This is important because the more food that is turned into fuel for the body, the less that can be stored in the body as fat.

IV Vitamin Therapy

The injection of nutrients directly into the bloodstream by a basic IV drip is known as IV vitamin therapy. Compared to other methods of getting the body the essential nutrients that it needs, IV vitamin therapy is a preferred method because it allows direct injection of the nutrient into the bloodstream. When nutrients are consumed orally, in the form of food or a nutritional supplement, the nutrients have to travel through the digestive system before they can be released into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the digestive processes of the stomach and the liver can greatly degrade the effectiveness and potency of nutrients consumed.

By injecting the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the nutrients can enter the bloodstream at full effectiveness and potency because they would not have to travel through the stomach and the liver.

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles is a full-service medical office providing an upscale, boutique style medical experience. Our staff is experienced and professional and our offices are modernly designed and comfortable – which makes them the perfect place to receive IV vitamin therapy for weight loss. After an initial consultation with a physician, you can receive your vitamins by IV injection right in our offices, or you can choose to receive your injections in the comfort and privacy of your own home or personal office. This service is offered as part of our concierge house call service. Since nutrients delivered by a basic IV drip are allowed to enter the bloodstream much faster than if those nutrients were delivered orally in food or pill form, it is not uncommon for patients to leave IV vitamin therapy sessions feeling energized and in high spirits.

Most sessions last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of vitamins prescribed, and patients are awake and aware for the entire session. The only discomfort generally reported by IV vitamin therapy patients is the slight pinprick of a needle at the site of injection – otherwise, IV vitamin therapy sessions are usually entirely comfortable and leave patients with plenty of time to catch up on some work or to just relax with a good book or magazine.


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