Ketamine Depression Treatment

Ketamine Therapy for Depression

Ketamine has been widely used in the medical community as an anesthetic and pain reliever, but did you know that it is now an innovative treatment to assist men and women in the Los Angeles area for depression?

Depression is one of the most common diagnoses for mental health disorders in the United States, impacting the daily lives of men, women, adolescents, and adults from every income bracket, in every state, yet the symptoms are relatively the same each and every time.

Most men and women who experience depression describe the following symptoms that are problematic in functioning in everyday life.

● Difficulty sleeping (insomnia and excessive sleeping)
● Rapid weight gain and fast weight loss
● Wide range of mood swings
● Anxiety
● Inability to function in daily activities
● Feelings of isolation
● Thoughts of suicide
● Limited social interaction
● Excessive crying or rage

How is Ketamine used for depression therapy?

Ketamine is a potent medication that has an immediate effect on symptoms experienced from pain related disorders, depression, and other mental disorders. Because of its effectiveness, Ketamine is now used intravenously for patients who seek immediate effects from depression symptoms.

Due to the fast-acting release of Ketamine in the bloodstream via IV therapy, men and women experience immediate positive effects elevating mood, providing an increase in energy, and allowing patients to resume healthy everyday life without being held back by depression symptoms.

What is Ketamine IV therapy?

Ketamine IV therapy is a method used by Dr. Nazarian and his medically trained staff at Ketamine Treatment Institute to help patients recover from their conditions sooner and with minimal side effects. Ketamine is inserted into a fluid-filled IV bag and given to the patient, in most cases, once a month.

Men and women receiving treatment at Ketamine Treatment Institute feel at ease in our state of the art, luxurious facility. Our staff is trained in IV therapy with many practicing in LA for the majority of their careers. We employ only the highest-quality staff to ensure our patients have the best possible experience while receiving treatment.

What is depression?

Depression in the United States is on the rise. It is a chronic mental illness that is known in the psychiatric community as “tough-to-treat,” due to the varying efficacy of treatments, ranging from oral medications to therapeutic options, and lifestyle recommendations such as regular physical exercise and new dietary choices. Ketamine depression treatment is available, and serves as a highly effective solution to mental health imbalances and diagnosed depression.

Depression is ubiquitous in the United States and can affect any portion of the population, from children to the elderly, from all backgrounds and walks of life. While there are many ways to treat depression depending on the individual case, a new treatment is becoming more widely recognized for the revolutionary opportunities that it represents for patients suffering from chronic and treatment-resistant depression: ketamine infusion for depression.

About Ketamine depression treatments

Initially developed as anesthesia during surgery more than fifty years ago, Ketamine is still widely used for that purpose amongst children, adults, and animals. More recently, the value of Ketamine in treating mental illnesses such and anxiety and depression as well as issues such as chronic pain is opening up new avenues for the use of Ketamine by the medical community.

Ketamine is used as an infusion for depression in a procedure overseen by trained medical professionals in a medical setting. Sometimes, patients are concerned about things that they have heard about Ketamine, particularly the use of Ketamine as a party drug, and possible risk of addiction. The manner that Ketamine is administered as an infusion for depression virtually eliminates that risk by using low dosages, in a medical setting, infrequently applied and without access in patients homes.

How does Ketamine assist with depression?

The way that Ketamine helps to treat depression and other mental illnesses through infusion is by providing the brain with the materials necessary to repair the damage done to the memory, learning, and higher-order thinking centers in the brain that have been damaged by mental illness. Unlike other treatments for depression, Ketamine does not provide the same beneficial results when ingested orally or nasally, which is why the availability of Ketamine as an infusion for depression is such a breakthrough for patients who are suffering.

Why choose the Ketamine Treatment Institute?

Psychiatrists do not often have the facilities to perform procedures such as infusions for depression, or the attendant staff necessary to oversee them. Dr. Nazarian and his team at the Ketamine Treatment Institute are expertly trained and equipped to provide this life-changing treatment to patients who are ready to overcome their chronic depression and other mental illnesses such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as chronic pain caused by disease such as fibromyalgia.

Our facility located centrally in Los Angeles is a safe place to receive treatment by a medical professional who will oversee the entire process. From start to finish you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated under the care of Dr. Nazarian and his staff.

The ketamine treatment provides the highest-quality intravenous treatments for patients and offers a safe, medically supervised environment to comfortably and effectively treat our patients. Contact our staff today to schedule an appointment!

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