Vitamin Malabsorption

The term malabsorption syndrome generally describes various disorders which impede the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients. When symptoms of malabsorption are not the result of an underlying illness, it is generally due to either inflammation or injury to the intestinal lining. Proper absorption in the intestines is essential to a healthy body because it’s the intestines which allow nutrients that pass through the digestive system to enter the bloodstream. When a person is diagnosed with one of the conditions that can cause malabsorption, it generally means that their body isn’t able to get many of the nutrients being consumed orally; like vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. One form of malabsorption treatment is known as IV vitamin therapy – currently offered by IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles, an upscale and boutique medical provider.

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Malabsorption Syndrome

At IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles, our team of medical professionals has experience in helping those who suffer from malabsorption syndrome reduce some of the discomfort and negative effects of the condition. While there is not yet a known cure for illnesses that result in malabsorption, the medical industry has made great strides in helping those with malabsorption manage symptoms and even reduce the frequency of some symptoms. Some of the illnesses commonly associated with malabsorption are inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and celiac sprue.

Malabsorption Treatment

Malabsorption treatment by IV vitamin therapy works by injecting nutrients directly into the bloodstream via a basic IV drip. Even individuals who don’t suffer from symptoms of malabsorption can benefit from this kind of therapy because direct injection of nutrients is more beneficial than consuming those nutrients orally. This is because, unless you practice regular healthy eating habits, you probably aren’t getting enough of one or more essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. Even if you try to eat healthily, the digestive processes in the stomach and liver significantly dilute the potency and effectiveness of nutrients consumed. This is why oral supplements in pill form can be just as ineffective as healthy eating in regards to getting optimal levels of vitamins and minerals into the body.

Also, since direct injection introduces nutrients directly into the bloodstream, positive effects of injected nutrients can be felt much quicker than if the same nutrients had to pass through the entire digestive system.

Vitamins for Symptoms of Malabsorption

One vitamin commonly prescribed to those with malabsorption is glutathione. Glutathione is not just a powerful antioxidant that helps fight off harmful free radicals in the blood, it also works as an anti-inflammatory which could reduce inflammation in the intestines.

Because a person with malabsorption isn’t getting all of the nutrients the body needs, a physician may prescribe a Myers’ Cocktail for IV injection, which is a popular blend of vitamins including several from the B complex of vitamins (to help the body convert food into fuel), calcium (for healthy bones, regular heartbeat, and properly functioning muscles), vitamin C (for a healthy immune system, healthy tissue, blood, and skin), and magnesium (for healthy kidneys, muscles, and a healthy heart). The only discomfort usually associated with an IV vitamin therapy session is the pinprick of a needle at the site of injection. Most sessions last between 20 and 60 minutes and patients are conscious for the whole session, leaving plenty of time to relax or work remotely.

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles

IV vitamin therapy sessions conducted in our upscale and boutique style medical office take place in a quiet and modern setting – or, if our patients select our concierge house call service, sessions can take place in the privacy and comfort of a home or office.

If you suffer from malabsorption, consider making an appointment with IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles for a medical consultation. Not only can we check the current levels of vitamins and minerals in your body, but a physician can also recommend a regimen of IV vitamin therapy completely customized to the needs of your body to help you manage and fight some your most uncomfortable symptoms.


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