Vitamins for Eyesight

As we age, our eyesight steadily declines, and our eyes become more susceptible to cataracts and conditions like macular degeneration. Fortunately, we know of certain vitamins for eye health that can help keep vision strong and ward off serious eye conditions. Eye health supplements include vitamins, A, C, Beta-carotene, Zinc, Selenium, Lutein, Calcium, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and E. Our IV Vitamin Clinic provides injection form and IV form of most of these known supplements to boost levels, replace deficiencies and support eye health. provide

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles offers a variety of nutrients for injection directly into the bloodstream. We are an upscale, boutique style medical office and all of the nutrients that we offer are made from some of the highest grade ingredients in the medical industry.

Vitamins for Eyesight | IV Vitamin Therapy in Beverly Hills

Vitamins for Eye Health

As mentioned the vitamins and minerals commonly recommended as vitamins for eye health include vitamins A, C, Beta-carotene, Zinc, Selenium, Lutein, Calcium, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Avid and E. These vitamins and minerals are all considered antioxidants, which means that they fight against the formation and harmful accumulation of free radicals in the blood, and they are all considered allies in keeping the eyes healthy and staving off cataracts, macular degeneration, and certain other serious eye conditions. These are all vitamins and minerals which can be found in the food we eat and in the form of orally consumed eye supplements. Unfortunately, medical experts agree that some adults don’t get all of the essential nutrients they need from food alone.

Eye health supplements in pill form offer an apparent option, but supplements in pill form are not generally as effective as you might think. The primary problem with supplements in pill form is that they have to pass through the stomach and the liver when digested, and it’s the stomach and the liver which can degrade the potency and effectiveness of nutrients that are delivered by a pill. By the time they reach the intestines for delivery into the bloodstream, only a fraction of the nutrients that are being consumed is actually benefitting the body.

Depending on patient medical history, a physician may prescribe one of the vitamins mentioned earlier, another vitamin not mentioned, or a cocktail of vitamins tailored specifically to the patient’s needs.

IV Vitamin Therapy for Eyesight

Eyesight Improve | IV Vitamin Therapy in Beverly Hills

IV vitamin therapy allows you to have some of the mentioned vitamins and minerals to be injected directly into your bloodstream at full potency. In instances when deficiencies exist and it is difficult to replace such deficiencies by supplements alone, one can receive injections and intravenous replacement.

With IV vitamin therapy, higher dosages of certain nutrients can be injected in a single session with little to no discomfort generally reported. The delivery of nutrients and eye supplements is facilitated by a basic IV drip, and patients are awake and aware for the entire 20 to 60-minute session. Most patients use the time to relax with something to read or to work remotely via a laptop or cell phone.

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles is a full service, upscale, and boutique style medical office specializing in IV vitamin therapy. We offer a variety of nutrients and eye health supplements for intravenous injection. Our injectable nutrients are made of high-grade ingredients and are some of the finest in the medical industry. If you choose to receive your nutrients at our medical office, you will be able to rest and relax in our quiet, calm, and modernly designed space. Thanks to our concierge house call service, you can also choose to have your IV vitamin therapy sessions take place in the comfort and privacy of your home or a private office.


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