Nowadays many struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle without letting daily fatigue get the best of them. A typical solution to improve your energy levels is taking supplements to improve your energy levels and feel refreshed. Usually, many opt for ingesting oral energy-boosting pills, which are available in pharmacies and some supermarkets. But an alternative option that provides faster and more effective results is IV fluid therapy.

IV therapy vs oral supplements

Supplements ingested in the form of pills or syrups are not completely absorbed because they pass through our gastrointestinal tract. This passage results in a lot of processing which leads to minimal absorption. If the same energy-boosting supplements are administered intravenously, they are absorbed 100%.

More often than not, the effect of oral supplements is due to the placebo effect. Additionally, even if the supplement contains the right ingredients, it may disrupt the normal chemistry of the human body. Whereas IV therapy is tailored to you and delivers the specific nutrients your body needs.

Benefits of IV therapy

At IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles, we offer special energy boosting IV therapies. Unlike oral supplements, our Energy Boost IV is more effective and safer because it does not have any side effects.

  • It hydrates your system.
  • It provides your body with its needs of vitamins and traces elements.
  • It flushes any toxins or free radicals that may be the cause of your frequent fatigue or low energy levels.
  • It relieves your stress and improves your overall mood.

We can help you even more by saving you time and energy. We offer to deliver our energy boost IV therapy to your location with one of our professional staff members. Our treatment plans are convenient:

  • Our appointments are confidential.
  • Delivering our IV therapy to you is the best option for people with busy schedules or limited mobility.
  • Your energy will be boosted without any changes in the chemistry of your body or any unpleasant side effects.

Types of IV therapy

Our medical office offers various IV vitamin cocktails depending on your needs. After the results of your blood test are out, your doctor will discuss any vitamin deficiencies you have and recommend the appropriate vitamin cocktail for you.

Myers’ cocktail

The Myers’ cocktail is one of the most popular IV therapy cocktails. It contains several B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. This cocktail is very effective in treating fatigue that accompanies many conditions like the flu, fibromyalgia, and depression.

IV Vitamin D

Our IV vitamin D therapy targets those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to reduced exposure to sunlight or an unbalanced diet. Normally, vitamin D is processed in the liver so if you take oral supplements, you may not absorb all of it. However, with IV administration, you guarantee that your body receives a high dose of vitamin D since it bypasses the liver and goes directly into the bloodstream.

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles also offers various other vitamin cocktails. To learn more about our IV therapy options, contact us at 877-760-3564.


We’ve all had those days. The ones where you just want to keep hitting snooze the moment your alarm goes off. The ones where you are stuck in awful traffic, have a day that does not at all go to plan and ends with you feeling beat. While bad days are inevitable, implementing a healthy morning routine that you can stick to will ensure that you have more good days than bad. For more information on implementing vitamins into your healthy morning routine, contact IV Vitamin Therapy today.

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