How To Boost Your Immune System For Flu Season 2019

November 15, 2019 by admin

With flu season 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to start getting your immune system ready for it. The immune system is the body’s defense against bacteria and sickness. When flu season 2019 starts, the immune system can become overwhelmed and weakened. It’s important to start helping boost the immune system while you’re still healthy. IV Vitamin Therapy in Los Angeles has a lot of ways to help keep your immune system strong and fighting.

What Vitamins do You Need for Flu Season 2019?

The immune system is a delicate and complex element of the body that fights its hardest to keep you healthy. With a little bit of help, it can be extremely efficient at fighting off harmful cells and protecting your healthy ones.

The things that help the immune system the most are vitamins, specifically, vitamins C, B6, and E. Vitamin C is the most important of the three for helping the immune system. It can be found in a lot of foods that are easy to stock in your house. It also comes in multiple supplemental forms too. Keeping your vitamin C intake high will help your body the most.

Vitamin B6 is less the building block and more an accessory. While vitamin C does all the heavy lifting, B6 gives it that added push that makes vitamin C more effective.

Finally, vitamin E is an antioxidant that is most effective through food rather than a pill. Another antioxidant that is highly effective is glutathione.

IV Vitamin Therapy’s Immune System Boost

The most convenient way to get all the vitamins and nutrients your immune system needs is orally. We already have to eat to survive, so it’s easy to eat the foods that are vitamin-rich. However, is eating our vitamins the most effective way to boost the immune system?

IV Vitamin Therapy offers immune-boosting vitamins through an IV vitamin drip, which is the most effective way to help your body fight diseases. Using an IV drip, or intravenous injection, the nutrients get directly into the bloodstream. This allows the nutrients to be fully soaked up by the body. When vitamins and nutrients are consumed orally, the digestive system will filter out a portion of it. This dilutes the potency of the vitamins, which the IV drip does not. This immune system boost is made up of vitamin C, B complex, calcium, and magnesium. It can also be tailored to custom ratios for each specific person to better fight off the bacteria of flu season 2019.

What are the Best Foods to Eat for Flue Season 2019?

Since consuming vitamins orally is the most convenient, and can be done on a daily basis, what are the best foods to eat to help boost your immune system.

Vitamin C is highly concentrated in citrus fruits, such as:

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruits
  • Tangerines
  • Lemons

If you’re looking for something high in vitamin C without all the sugar, red bell peppers are your best bet. They have an extremely high vitamin C content for their size.

If you are looking for something that has both antioxidants and vitamin C, try leafy greens, such as broccoli and spinach. Using garlic, ginger, and turmeric in your meals is a great way to spice up the dish as well as add crucial vitamins.

Vitamin E may not be as easy to find as vitamin C, but it’s just as important. Almonds, sunflower seeds, and avocados are a great source of vitamin E. They also add healthy fat to your diet.

Finally, green tea is great if you are feeling the symptoms of sickness coming. It has antioxidants and will help warm your throat and body.

Lifestyle Changes to Help Boost the Immune System

There are certain lifestyle choices you can include and avoid to keep your body in top shape. Avoiding smoking is a big one because smoking will weaken your immune system. You want to do things that will help strengthen your body, such as exercising regularly. Also, drink alcohol in moderation since overindulgence can weaken the immune system too. Finally, get enough sleep each night. While your body sleeps, it is healing itself. This is a crucial time that is needed to keep your immune system as strong as possible.

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