IV Vitamin Drips to Boost Immune System | IV Vitamin Therapy Los AngelesVitamins are vital for a healthy body and mind. Many people have vitamin deficiencies. This can be a result of certain disorders, genetic predisposition, or diet issues. If your vitamin levels are low, intravenous (IV) vitamin drips boost your immune system by replenishing your vitamin levels.

In order to boost your immunity, you can rely on certain foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants or you can try some over-the-counter vitamin supplements. IV vitamin drips are a brand new method that can boost your immune system in order to fight any microbial infections or prevent you from becoming ill in the first place.

While supplying your body with vitamins, IV therapy detoxifies your systems. Detoxification means removing harmful toxins and free radicals, which damage your cells and cause health issues including impairment of the immune system.

How do IV drips work?

IV fluid drips provide our bodies with a combination of vitamins, trace elements, electrolytes, and saline solution. According to the health needs of the person, a group of IV formulas is blended together. It is not just a single formula for everyone; it differs according to your needs.

It is a simple process and you have already seen it a million times. An IV catheter is directly inserted into your vein and the line is attached to a bag containing the saline solution, which is placed above your head. By hanging the bag in a higher position, gravity plays a role to provide the patient with the solution slowly over time. The principle here is that the fluid is not forced into your bloodstream like with IV syringes for example.

Most IV therapies take about 30 to 45 minutes. It varies from person to another. The only exception here is our NAD IV Infusion Therapy, which takes 3 to 4 hours maximum.

Is IV therapy safe?

Administering IV therapy is a safe process and well-tolerated by nearly everyone. Few patients may experience minimum side effects during or after IV therapy, but they are usually expected. The most common side effect is the infection risk where the needle is inserted. Other side effects such as hematoma and air embolism rarely occur.

At our Beverly Hills center, we make sure that the procedure is safe and we inform our patients about their general condition. One member of our staff stays with you during the entire time to monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure and to make sure you are always comfortable.

IV vitamin therapy vs oral supplements

There is a huge difference between IV vitamin therapy and immune-boosting oral supplements. Oral vitamin supplements are not fully absorbed by the body. They enter the digestive system first, get processed by digestive acids, and then are absorbed. This whole process takes time and does not result in the full absorption of the ingested vitamins.

On the other hand, when the same amount of vitamins and antioxidants are administered intravenously by IV vitamin therapy, these immune-boosting elements bypass the digestive system and are absorbed completely.

Is IV vitamin therapy for you?

IV vitamin therapy is highly effective in boosting immunity when administered regularly. It is a great option for those who have vitamin deficiencies as well as those who want to optimize their vitamin levels to improve their immune system. IV vitamin therapy also has additional benefits like stress relief and healthier skin.

You would be a good candidate for IV vitamin therapy if you are among the following groups:

  • Malabsorption disorders including Crohn’s disease
  • Cold, cases of flu, seasonal allergies, and migraines
  • Acute conditions like hangovers, overexertion after extreme workouts, and jet lag
  • Chronic conditions such as asthma, hypothyroidism, and fibromyalgia
  • Feeling fatigued with low energy
  • Drinking alcohol on a regular basis
  • Exercising and training rigorously

Before any IV vitamin therapy is administered, your doctor will ask for a full medical and surgical history first. It is important to share these details, so your doctor knows what the root cause of your symptoms is. Our doctors can also perform a blood test to check your vitamin levels and determine if you suffer from any vitamin deficiencies. Once your vitamin needs are evaluated, your IV vitamin therapy will begin. You do not need to have blood work performed in most cases prior to most IV drips.

Our Beverly Hills center offers Los Angeles residents various types of IV vitamin therapies. If you have any questions, Dr. Nazarian and his team are happy to answer it. Contact us on 877-760-3564.


Vitamin D is synonymous with manufactured milk and sunshine. Still, it is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies. This is the case especially now that we are spending even more of our time in the great indoors. Unfortunately, it is also essential to your health. Vitamin D deficiency can cause a number of health concerns. But, it is easily fixed.

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Vitamin D is primarily responsible for allowing your body to absorb calcium efficiently. If you aren’t taking in enough Vitamin D, then the National Institute of Health explains that your body will be unable to produce enough of an important hormone. Called calcitriol, this hormone is very important for your health. Without enough of it, it won’t matter how much sunlight you get or how much calcium you ingest through your diet. Your body can’t absorb it. As an alternative, your body will start to “borrow” calcium from your bones. That’s not a good thing. Especially since it has no intention of giving it back.

In addition to supporting calcium absorption, Vitamin D positively influences your immune system and energy levels. What’s more, it helps your body to regulate your insulin levels. As a result, Vitamin D is incredibly important to your daily diet. A brief history lesson best illustrates this fact.

Vitamin D and Milk

It may surprise you to know that cow’s milk isn’t naturally rich in Vitamin D. In fact, in all started in the 1930s the United States. During this time, the government began fortifying milk by adding Vitamin D. At the time, milk was already a widely accessible foodstuff. More importantly, it was rich in other ingredients that also support bone health. So, milk was chosen as the vehicle to bring Vitamin D to poor children, especially in the slums of northern industrial cities. 

This decision was based on research performed through what is now Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study revealed the connection between nutritional rickets and Vitamin D deficiency. Rickets was a terrible disease that once affected many poor children growing up in urban regions. It softens the bones and results in a recognizable bowing of the legs.

Today, rickets is virtually gone in the United States, as most American children receive milk as a regular part of their diet. However, recent studies show that times are changing. Now, American adults are the biggest concern.

American Adults and Vitamin D Deficiency

The Scientific American suggests about three-quarters of American teens and adults are Vitamin D deficient. They may be too old to see the typical effects of rickets. Still, Vitamin D deficiency causes plenty of damage. Individuals with a Vitamin D deficiency can experience a whole host of symptoms that affect everything from their physical health to their mood. 

Common symptoms may include the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety 
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Joint pain
  • Muscular pain
  • Frequent illness resulting from a weakened immune system. 

Due to the wide-reaching symptoms caused by a Vitamin D deficiency, failing to treat the condition can lead to problems at home and at work. These problems can leave you in pain the entire time.

Addressing Vitamin Deficiency

Fortunately, there are many Vitamin D-rich foods that you can work into your diet even when you’re deprived of natural sunlight. Try working some of the following into your diet:

  • Fortified milk
  • Fatty fish like salmon or tuna
  • Beef liver
  • Eggs yolks
  • Orange juice fortified with Vitamin D 

All of these are great additions to your daily diet. However, if you don’t see yourself consuming one of these products daily, then you should look into a supplement.

IV Vitamin Therapy Los Angeles offers intravenous Vitamin D delivery that will make sure you are treating your body with the care it deserves. Sessions are just 20-30 minutes, so they can be easily fitted into your lunch break. Just bring a book or download a game on your phone, and let vitamin therapy do the rest.


With flu season 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to start getting your immune system ready for it. The immune system is the body’s defense against bacteria and sickness. When flu season 2019 starts, the immune system can become overwhelmed and weakened. It’s important to start helping boost the immune system while you’re still healthy. IV Vitamin Therapy in Los Angeles has a lot of ways to help keep your immune system strong and fighting.

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